About the Journal

Fonds d’Archives is an online, open access, scholarly journal published by the Archives Society of Alberta.  The journal is devoted to the archives profession and explores all aspects of archival practice, including but not limited to appraisal, arrangement, description, access, outreach and preservation.  Submissions that explore archival issues from practical, working-level perspectives or theoretical explorations with demonstrated praxis are particularly encouraged.

Fonds d’Archives commits to presenting new voices and different perspectives and welcomes submissions from students, new professionals and working archivists who may not have published before.

The journal operates under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

ISSN 2561-0465


 Authors are welcome to submit articles in any of the following sections: 

  • Feature articles related to the Statement of Purpose with particular emphasis on case studies, project reports, or archival theory with demonstrated practical application;
  • Responses to feature articles;
  • Letters to the editor;
  • Reviews of archival literature;
  • Reviews of exhibitions, either physical or online, mounted by archival institutions or exhibitions created by non-archival institutions that feature significant archival content;
  • Analysis of individual documents;
  • Opinion pieces. 

Please contact the editors at journal@archivesalberta.org prior to submitting a review in order to prevent duplication of effort. 

Submission Criteria 

Submissions must be formatted according to the MLA Formatting and Style Guide with primary use of in-text citation and secondary use of footnotes for general references or further explanation where necessary.  As we use a double-blind peer review system, please ensure that all personal identification of the author(s) has been removed from the text.  Submissions may be made in any language; however, an English translation must be submitted with the original language document and the author must certify the translation to be an accurate rendition of the original.  Please submit material in MS Word format via the Submission function of the OJS system. 

The journal operates under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  Authors must be willing to make their articles available under said license. 

Review of Submissions 

The review process will be conducted according to the following principles and procedures: 

  • The Chair of the Editorial Committee will do a preliminary review of the submission to determine if it fits the mandate of Fonds d’Archives and demonstrates sufficient quality.  If the submission is determined to require additional work prior to review, the Chair will contact the author of the submission promptly to convey this decision and assess whether the author is willing to undertake the initial reworking of the submission. 
  • If the submitted material fits the mandate and standard of Fonds d’Archives, the Chair will put the submission out to colleagues for double-blind peer review.  In assigning the submission, the Chair will attempt as much as possible to avoid any conflicts of interest based on institutional affiliations, personal relationships or other considerations. 
  • The nature of the peer review should be based on the following considerations: 
    • Clarity of writing;
    • Eloquence;
    • Strength and coherence of the argument, which includes references to other sources, sophistication of the analysis, and the accuracy of information presented;
    • Estimated degree of interest in the subject matter of the submission, given the audience of the journal. 
  • Reviewers will submit a written report to the Chair either a) recommending publication without revision, b) recommending publication with some revision, or c) not recommending publication.  The report will outline the rationale behind these assessments. 
  • The Chair will assess the report from the reviewer and convey the information to the author of the submission.  Based on the decision to assign the submission to a specific reviewer, the Chair will typically follow the reviewer’s advice; however, the Chair is the final arbiter with respect to the content of Fonds d’Archives.